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Adding other tests for audio equipment and cables?

Jul 16, 2020
Just a suggestion which I feel its very important. One thing that is not tested in the forum is Amplitude vs frequency vs time. Why I feel time is important? Music is basically sound wave with varying amplitude and frequency over time. Then what we hear is the resultant of the interaction of different frequencies and amplitude produced by the cones of speakers (most speakers have 4 cones). I assume we all agree for this.

So I feel we need a test to mimic actual playing of music. From there, I believe we can set a baseline and even identify characteristics of sound using a 3D spectrogram.
Eg. imaging. Most of us can identify where sound is coming from. I am sure many of us have listen to speakers and sound appears to come from somewhere between the speakers (rather than from speakers directly). Sometimes, we can easily pinpoint the location, sometimes we cant. It has to be the sound we hear that gives us a perception of the location. I don't think THD, SNR or frequency sweep can reveal this. But 3D spectrogram may.

This is also good for cable tests. Since they all seems the same and no difference in current ASR tests. But I believe the gradient of the peaks will reveal the difference and the shape of the peaks/vallies will also be affected.


Dj7675 posted this link in his amp comparison thread. Notice the difference in the 10KHz square wave test? Its not so square. I don't think THD test can reveal this since its just in %.

Just my 2 cents.

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