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Adam T5v vs Kali LP-UNF


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May 16, 2024

I'm in the market for desktop speakers (most likely active) in the 300-400 euro range. They will be used mainly for music, movies, and some gaming. After looking around a bit, I've basically narrowed my options down to two: the Adam Audio T5V and the Kali LP-UNF (both about 350 euros locally). I'm planning to add a sub in the future, so super low bass isn't a major concern. I've also considered the Kali LP-6, but they are a little too big for my desk.

So, my question is, which would you choose and why? Any other speaker recommendations are also welcome.

Thanks in advance for your replies.
So, my question is, which would you choose and why?
The Kali has better frequency response, both on- and off-axis.

It also has digital in, very useful boundary control switches, and a pretty nifty touch volume control.

The only way in which the Adam wins is in headroom/distortion.

Still, I'd choose the Kali.
I’d choose Kali without any doubt
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