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Active sub and bi-wire speaker - various connection options - looking for tips, advice.


Jun 27, 2021
Active sub has RCA low level as well as high level inputs.

Would connecting this to the adjacent KEF Cresta 2 using short speaker cable to the high level inputs work?

The signal is coming from a NAD 3020 which doesn't have dedicated sub output, although it's possible to jerry rig an RCA split output from the pre-amp.

And here's a n00b question - is there a difference between, say, running the speaker cable straight from the back of the amp

compared to using the 2nd pair of bi-wire plugs on the back of the Cresta / connecting the wires to the same plugs on the back of the Cresta?


Hi. How did things pan.out with this?
I used my C320BEE with some splitters for my sub. Worked a treat.
The only thing id worry about is the 3020 is an oldie with no relays. Unless its been serviced id be inclined to consider a newer amp .
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