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Active speaker (Neumann, Genelec etc.) with Sub vs Wharfedale Linton 85


May 13, 2024
I used Genelec (8030), Neumann (KH120) and Geithain with a Sub in a studio setting in the past and was always very satisfied. But this was mainly on short distances (nearfield). I was on HIFI fair in Munich this weekend and listened to many very expensive high end speakers. In the end I listened to some really small Geithains that were blowing away most of those (way bigger speakers) for a fraction of the price. I also like the new Dynaudio active speakers a lot. But those are 20k ;)

I am currently looking to buy a set of speakers for a living room setting. Listening distance is around 3m. The room is acoustically untreated (and will not be treated). So this is not a perfect setup for those speakers. But I have to deal with what I have.

I thought about buying one of those active speakers (probably with a sub) or the Wharfedale Linton 85 which just look better in a living room setting. The JBL 82 look even better than those. But I am not sure about the core sound and they are quite a bit more expensive.

I know all the active speakers sound different. But I think they share a lot of the same DNA. All have a very detailed, intimate sound. Similar to highend headphones. And they go quite deep for their size.

I am not sure how the Lintons (or JBL) will compare to those active speakers? Especially with that 3m distance and not perfect room acoustics? The Lintons are quite a bit cheaper. But I would have to get an HIFI amp also. So in the end the price will be similar. I will use those with an vintage Reel 2 Reel deck and would like to create some "vintage" vibes and looks. But if the active solution is sonically much better I might want to use those "ugly" studio monitors as well ;)

Thanks a lot
I would go with the small active + sub combo
Something like this combined with a sub to your liking
You will be able to play around with sub placement to achieve the best frequency response and the Adam T5V is a total price/performance champion
I heard the higher class Adam Audio in the past. Not sure about their tweeter. Have to check if I like it.
You didn't say how important a small footprint setup is. Are you ok with having components that are connected to the Wharfedale's and the wires?

Beyond the sound profile you will be developing depending on the route that you go, the physical space that you are allocating is probably very important.
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