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Absolute budget system for Roon and vinyl..


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Aug 28, 2018
I’m about to move into a small apartment (first home) and listening loud won’t be possible. However, I have a large digital library and about 250 records that I’d like to continue to play. I’ve been considering what sort of system I’m going to get and have decided that there’s no point spending mega bucks in such a small space when it can’t be fully utilised. As a result, I’m looking for some good budget products that will allow me to use Roon, Spotify and play my records.

I already own a Chromecast Audio and while I have been satisfied with the performance using Roon, it suffers from significant playback issues using Spotify Connect in iOS which is a bit of a deal breaker as my wife uses the system as much as I do and exclusively uses Spotify.

So my thinking is; Dynaudio Xeo 20, CCA via optical (and put up with the playback issues) and a turntable with in-built phono stage such as an LP120XP. Or I could do passive bookshelves, NAD C338 (built in CCA and phono input) and a cheap turntable. However the NAD really doesn’t get great reviews.

I was hoping for some more opinions or suggestions on the best way to go about this. I’d prefer to spend as little as possible but I still want good objective performance and reliability. I’m not averse to paying more for high quality of it improves the experience. Any suggestions?
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