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A tale of three subwoofers


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Sep 30, 2020
Victoria, BC
I find the difference between subwoofers (and speakers in general) to be remarkable and here's an example to illustrate my point, three 10" subs from three different manufacturers that are wildly different. One from Acoustic Authority (the one on the left), one from Paradigm (middle) and one from Edifier. Paradigm needs no introduction but you've probably never heard of Acoustic Authority and that's because they were Cyber Acoustics "high-end" line of 2.1 computer speakers many years ago. Edifier is also fairly well known in audio circles and this is the sub from Edifier's S730 computer/multimedia speaker system which I believe is the biggest sub Edifier's ever made. Edifier claims it's frequency response goes down to 20hz but it doesn't, it's more like ~40hz in spite of weighing 50lbs and having dual passive radiators and it's paired with a 150 watt amp. The Acoustic Authority sub which I couldn't get out of the cabinet (because it just seems to be glued in instead of screwed in like most speakers) is the real sonic abomination of the three, it sounds atrociously bad and doesn't play loud at all not to mention I doubt the bass goes much below ~60hz in spite of weighing 15lbs and having a big tuned port. The company claimed it had a 20 watt amp powering it which is abysmal for a 10" driver but that wasn't the worst part, it produced tremendous distortion even though I tested it before I bought it (ooops). The Paradigm Ultracube 10 on the other hand digs down to 22hz and has a 650 watt amp (2 kilowatts max) and like the Edifier, has dual passive radiators. The bass depth and volume it produces is reminiscent of a nightclub, now I finally understand what it means to "pressurize" a room with bass

Three 10" subwoofers that appear similar yet couldn't be more different


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