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A note on DIY subwoofer amplification


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Feb 4, 2019
Austin, TX
As I have previously reported in this forum, to the astonishment of forum members, I have built a couple pair of Linkwitz LXMini speakers. For my latest pair, built over the summer, I also built sealed subs using very high quality 9" subwoofer drivers and their companion passive rads by the same maker (scan-speak revelator). On the advice of forum members, I powered them, initially, with a MiniDSP plate amp as a sort of proof-of-concept. Bonus, that plate amp has excellent digital controls for every parameter, allowing nice integration of the subs with mains.

However, the plate amp I started with was rated at 125 watts per side. Bridged, it's rated at 450! So, I saved up and recently got a second one, then reconfigured each for bridged mono. They allow a digital xlr connection to each other in a daisy-chain. The difference has been dramatic. I can boost the subs' natural rolloff enormously so that they're strong at 20hz, and I have gobs of solid bass. I mention this conversationally to those who pursue such projects or who wonder whether gobs of power, even if not the very cleanest, is desirable for small sealed subs. An emphatic Yes.
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