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A Call For Humor!

Boris Badinov

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The Humorist
Dec 19, 2019
Georgia, USA


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Oct 18, 2022
So the rabbi gets on the airplane and is pleasantly surprised to find he is seated next to a Catholic priest. He introduces himself, and they begin a conversation. After a while the priest turns to the rabbi, lowers his voice, and says “Tell me rabbi, I don’t know much about your religion. Is it true you are not allowed to eat pork?”

The rabbi chuckles and says that, yes, it is true, he is not allowed to eat pork. He explains the laws of kosher.

The priest is both puzzled and amused. He leans toward the rabbi and asks “Have you really gone your whole life without pork? Have you never had bacon or ribs? Have you never tried it once, just out of curiosity?”

The rabbi is silent for a moment and then whispers “Well, yes, I did try ribs once, just out of curiosity.”

“Did you like it?”

“Oh, my, yes, I had ribs on a business trip to Memphis at Corky’s. They were wonderful! Did you know the founders of Corky’s were Jewish? I wish I could eat their pork all the time! Now you tell me Father, is it true that you are not allowed to have sex?”

“Yes, it is true. I am married to the church.”

“Tell me honestly Father. Have you never tried it, just once, just out of curiosity?”

The priest is silent for a moment, and realizing that his god already knew the truth, he whispered to his new friend “I must confess, I have had sex, but only once, with a nun.”

There was an awkward silence for a few moments, and finally the rabbi looks the priest in the eyes and quietly asks “Did you like it?”

“Not as much as ribs” was the reply.

This was from a recipe for Katz pastrami from corned beef on Amazing ribs site. highly recommended. "I'll have what she's having".
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