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A Call For Humor!

I gave up a chance to buy out my son-in-law's 48 hp 4WD Kubota when he and my daughter decided to downsize and move from 85 acres to a 1/2 acre suburban home (?!). It was a difficult decision, 'cause that was a nice tractor... but it's really too much tractor for our property. :(
You gents live in a difference scale in the US. 85 acres is 70% of Vatican City, a sovereign country in Europe :)
I wonder which Kubota the Pope drives.
Piling up on the previous tractor/BMW joke…

Fun fact for Tractor drivers: turns signals are not mandatory in Vatican City. You indicate which direction you want to go through a sign of the cross—Forward (forehead) / Backward (chest) / Left / Right… or so! :cool:

That’s how the Vatican aligned with the Italian driving rules. :p
If you really are into tractors you'll recognise the significance of this chilled Beveridge

This not so much
Don't get me started on tractors...
'round these parts, tractors are a religion.

That's our town administrator* on the JD. :)

* Not sure I can translate this into non-New English. ;) Sort of like a town manager or mayor, but paid not elected. We're too small for too much infrastructure.
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