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4th generation speaker to microphone loopback for your listening pleasure.

Blumlein 88

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Feb 23, 2016
Inspired by @RayDunzl

I played some song snippets over speakers, and recorded with a microphone. Then took the recording and looped it back thru again. The microphones were 1.25 meters from the speakers.

In this case if you download this zip file, it will open into 3 original song snippets, a 1st generation copy of each with a ribbon microphone and a condenser microphone, plus 4th generation copies with a ribbon and condenser microphone. The original intent was 8th generation copies, but after you hear it I think you'll know why I stopped at 4 generations.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/nhg0dswo6xhljor/Speaker to mic.zip?dl=0
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