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24/192 audio from FireTV Cube to Yamaha TSR-5830


New Member
Sep 25, 2021
Hi folks, new to the site, did a little digging but found nothing quite on target.

I have a Yamaha TSR-5830 receiver connected via HDMI to a FireTV 4K 2nd-gen that I see supports 24-bit/192kHz audio, and it indicates that the content I'm playing is of that quality but my device capability is only 16-bit/48kHz. From my research, my Yamaha TSR-5830 can decode 24/192 content, so I'm not sure what I'm missing to take advantage of the UHD audio.

I found this discussion that mentions UHD disabled by default and they had to enable it:

I see a response on another forum that mentions enabling 24-bit audio in the Amazon Music app on a Firestick:
On your Music page, on top, scroll to the far right -click on the head-icon - scroll down to Audio Quality - click ENABLE for 24 bit.

'My FireTV Cube has no such setting under that location.

Is there something I may be missing to get UHD from my FireTV Cube?



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Aug 17, 2021
I know nothing about FireTV, but perhaps you have different kind of problem? There are many (I have stopped following) standards for HDMI interfaces. Could it be something in the chain is bandwidth limited; have you tried outputting a lower resolution video and seeing whether that affects the bit rate of the audio? (I doubt it, but I can not help you with the most likely solution, which you mentioned).
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