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2022 - Your favorite releases

Marc v E

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Mar 9, 2021
The Netherlands (Holland)
Alisson Ponthier
Album: Shaking hands with Elvis

She seems new with singles beginning in 2021. Notably cowboy, Faking my own death and Hell is a crowded place are great songs. As this is a thread exclusively focussing on 2022 I chose above album.
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Dec 28, 2020
Lots of great suggestions to check out! One notable release not mentioned I think is Bruce Springsteen’s covers album which I enjoyed



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Nov 6, 2018
Fave EP and one of the tracks of the year:

This is the single that arguably hit me the hardest:
(I couldn't really warm up to the album Sunday in Heaven though, it seems all over the place.)

Album faves:
The Beths - Expert in a Dying Field (indie / power pop, good consistent album)
CMAT - If My Wife New I’d Be Dead (singer-songwriter, country, best new discovery with some absolutely brilliant / funny songs, somewhat reminds me of Miss Li)
Julia Jacklin - Pre Pleasure (with album number 3, I've finally properly warmed up to the singer-songwriter)
Hatchie - Giving the World Away
The ALVVAYS album "Blue Rev" had a ton of good songs, I'm just not a fan of the sausage-like production at all. (It's about the polar opposite of the Beths', which is always super clean and transparent.)
The Weyes Blood album "And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow" had some superb production, though for some reason the artist always feels cool and distant to me.
I felt Phoebe Green's "Lucky Me" was a bit of an underrated alt-pop album. It sounds for all the world like it was produced in California - at least it could file right next to another recent-ish discovery on mine, Californian Emily Afton.

Albums worth paying attention to for novelty factor at the very least:
Grace Cummings - Storm Queen
Party Dozen - The Real Work

Other neat singles:
Sharon Van Etten - 'Mistakes'
Methyl Ethel - 'Proof' feat. Stella Donelly
Magdalena Bay - 'All You Do' (and that wasn't the only good one of theirs)
Sloan Peterson - 'Sick & Selfish'
Lael Neale - 'Hotline'
Grace Ives - 'On The Ground' (you really can't tell what is or isn't on a major label any more, case in point, this)
Alex the Astronaut - 'Octopus'
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