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2 Ohm Speakers and Class D amplifiers

Mojo Warrior

Active Member
Mar 28, 2019
Class D amplification is popular and tends to handle 2 Ohm speaker loads better than most A/B amps. Some amp manufacturers, such as Crown, spec their amps at 2 Ohms. Recently, innovative speaker designers (e.g. Tekton) are introducing high end speakers optimized for 2 Ohms. Many currently available speakers impedance drops below 4 Ohms.

I find this development intriguing. It appears that they exploiting the ability of Class D amps in advancing speaker design. Obviously, a properly designed Class D amp can deliver more power into 2 Ohms vs 4 or 8 Ohms. I am not a speaker designer but maybe there advantages on this side of the equation, as well. Especially when it involves the design of the crossover in a speaker with multiple drivers.

My question to the forum is: should ASR begin measuring the performance of Class D amplifiers with 2 Ohm loads, going forward ?
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