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$1,000 audio system with Headphones( Edition XS, Ananda, & Aeons) with DAC/Amp (A50/D50, DX7 pro, SU 8 & SH8)


New Member
Apr 6, 2022
I am split between getting an Hifiman Edition XS, Ananda, and Dan Clark Aeon Open or Closed headphones. I am not sure. I am more leaning to the Ananda since they're not far off in price and questioning if it's worth the extra money.

For the DAC/AMP combo

I am stuck between the A50/D50, DX7 pro, or the SU & SH8. I currently have Tidal so I am not that concerned with MQA. I would prefer to have a balanced output either for XLR or the 4.4mm jack. Bluetooth is important for me so I can connect to my headphone or mac(which has usb-c ports only). I am looking to future-proof myself with the DAC/AMP combo when I move up to higher power cans such as the Arya or LCD-X. If there are dac/amp combos that you would recommend that would be much appreciated. I also think the size of the stack does matter because I don't want it taking much space.
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