1. Xulonn

    Love the YouTube channel, but many clueless and low-value comments there.

    Reading the comments at the YouTube version of the Dan Clark Stealth review, I noticed that, as is typical on YouTube, there were some very lame comments and a fair amount of whining about the cost of these superb limited edition headphones. While reading the comments, I realized how much I...
  2. mononoaware

    SMSL DA-9 Review - Cause of clipping behaviour.

    So in this review they mention the DA-9 sounds like it’s “clipping” when sent signal with strong bass frequencies while using with inefficient speakers. What could be the cause of this? First thought was possibly lack of proper application of thermal paste which I have seen mentioned in posts...
  3. mononoaware

    Just found this video thought to share.

  4. D

    Regarding the sound differences between Spotify, Tidal, and YouTube on web/desktop/mobile

    I started a Tidal trial on mobile a few weeks ago and was impressed with the (ostencibly) more enjoyable sound than that of Spotify. After numerous listens between the services and on different devices, I set out to understand why Spotify and Tidal sound different. The following comparisons are...
  5. Racheski

    An ASR-Friendly YouTube Reviewer

    I stumbled on a channel named "Wheezy Reviews" and watched his review on the JDS Atom Amp/DAC stack, and his comments about how the stack sounds seem to align with how the majority of ASR members evaluate DACs and Amps. With all of the absurd hype and bs subjectivism on YouTube, this is a...
  6. G

    Tarun's take on the most controversial subject in audio!

    Best hifi cable explanation I've seen. Finely a comprehensive and sane view on cables. This is definetly worth watching regardless of where you stand on this subject.
  7. Arnandsway

    COLORS - Simplistic podium for new artists

    COLORS I discovered this amazing YouTube channel today. It offers a podium for new artists around the globe. Mainly provides a stage for Singer & Songwriters, R&B and Hip-Hop. I love it because of the simplistic, one color background and the stage they provide, which focusses all the attention...
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