1. X

    24/192 audio from FireTV Cube to Yamaha TSR-5830

    Hi folks, new to the site, did a little digging but found nothing quite on target. I have a Yamaha TSR-5830 receiver connected via HDMI to a FireTV 4K 2nd-gen that I see supports 24-bit/192kHz audio, and it indicates that the content I'm playing is of that quality but my device capability is...
  2. C

    Yamaha hs5 with Bluetooth bridge

    Looking for some advice please! I have a Yamaha hs5 studio monitor. I don’t use it for production or anything just wanted a speaker with good sound quality. Currently connect with an aux but looking to get a Bluetooth bridge so I no longer have to use the cable. This is more for convenience...
  3. TheBatsEar

    Inside Yamaha amps

    Anyone interested in looking inside Yamaha amps? I have a bunch in my collection, most of them need repair, all of them have to be opened eventually for dusting. I'll start with some pictures i made inside a A-S1000 that i bought for 500€ in mint condition. This one weighs 25kg, it's a serious...
  4. skaveesh

    Yamah RX-V585 presence speakers loud distorted sound issue

    Hi All, When I got the receiver there were no issues with this unit until today, that I discovered overhead (presence) speakers are making a very loud distorted noise along with the audio. I was about about to watch a Atmos movie today when I first found this issue. Week ago I watched Atmos...
  5. S

    AVR Speaker Impedance Selector

    Greetings! I've a question regarding modifying default speaker impedance on my AVR, Yamaha RX-V583. The thing is that US models have selector for 6 and 8 ohms, and I guess almost everybody would use them in 8 ohms position to allow higher voltage supply to an amplifier. The problem is that my...
  6. O

    AVR Decisions - Anthem, Arcam, Denon, Yamaha...?

    Hi, folks. As a few of you might remember, I've recently bought a 4k UHD television followed by a Panasonic DP-UB820 player. I'm in the process of designing a new equipment cabinet in an attempt to overcome my wife's objections to the tendency of AV black boxes to procreate when she's not...
  7. dkinric

    New Yamaha Integrateds with VU Meters

    Part of the A-Sxx00 series, analog only, 3 new models. https://www.whathifi.com/us/news/yamaha-a-s1200-a-s2200-and-a-s3200-stereo-amplifiers-sport-vu-meters
  8. pma

    Review and Measurements of vintage Yamaha AX-396 integrated amplifier

    Review and Measurements of vintage Yamaha AX-396 integrated amplifier This review shows measurements of Yamaha AX-396 integrated amplifier, ser. no. Y399871TV, made in Malaysia. I bought this amplifier in the year 2002 and have been using it shortly. Then it was sleeping in my stock and 5...
  9. M

    What do you think of the Yamaha R-N803 Stereo Receiver?

    https://sg.yamaha.com/en/files/Yamaha%20R-N803%20Product%20Information_b91c924acac9108d9990dccd961075fb.pdf Looks like a pretty good all-in-one box. Any experience with or thoughts on it? I would mostly use it with Qobuz, Net Radio, and AirPlay.
  10. Nationalizer

    Different sound tuning for different markets / continents for the same product?

    I just saw this old video and I just think it's wrong on so many levels. If this is a marketing video, it's very bad. NO ESD grounding, opening it on the carpet and not the right soldering tip. Also, what if I want the ORIGINAL sound? Not to mention all these will MEASURE differently. And...
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