1. Colin James Wonfor

    EWA designs for sale

    Due to old age and not feeling good I will be winding up EWA electronics ASAP. I am also looking for a buyer to take on the designs for the future.
  2. Colin James Wonfor

    The limit addition Claymore

    Only 6 of these were ever made, before I and TQ parted. The new one I am doing sounds even better. And now the new one this is the first one made comments on style I would love please. And the original. This one has been modified for a Headphone socket on the front. Oh and there is only...
  3. Colin James Wonfor

    Yellow Duck fun for us big kids

    Three old solar panels from garden lamps, A cheap 3V cassette motor, hot melt glue a nasty prop, and this and now 10 other have escaped to explore the world. On the bottom I glued a lump of iron to keep the devil upright.
  4. Colin James Wonfor

    How would you stop PSU pumping in a Class D Amp

    How would you stop PSU pumping in a Class D Amp. Most of the techy folk here will have come across this maybe with Tripath chips. So how did you solve it? I will put up and idea that works well and reduce component cost. And no cheating by doing it Bridge Mode OK or limiting the bandwidth to...
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