1. peniku8

    ENGL E820 Tube Poweramplifier 2x35 Measurements

    I unexpectedly got my hands on this interesting unit. It's a guitar amplifier, but it has no preamp so it should technically be a simple tube amp. Since it has two channels it can technically be used as a stereo home audio amplifier. If that would make sense and how it compares to actual 'hifi'...
  2. yussef961

    Marantz PM 25 upgrade worth it?

    hi I have had for 4 years now a PM 25 which works well and I love, I lack some new features like optical output etc, I know there are much newer amps (mine is from 1985-1990 approx). those are the specs from a new one Mesures Réponse en fréquence (entrée analogique) : 10 Hz à 40 kHz Rapport...
  3. Y

    Technics Linear Phase SB-R3 (1979) rebuild

    Refurbishment over the last 5 years. Woofers refoamed. Midrange drivers refoamed. Ferrofluid replaced in HF tweeters. File Image Crossover capacitors replaced like for like, bipolar electrolytics from HifiCollective, back in 2018. Mundorfs and some others which are a nice green colour. Speaker...
  4. S

    My old pioneer headphone review

    This is fr This is harmonic distortion And this is group delay This headphone is pioneer monitor 10 Which is launched at 1975 and discounted at 1980 It looks like this. Of course, the performance is not good compared to the current one, but it looks good for the item at the time.
  5. A

    Need your help to identify these vintage floorstanding speakers !

    Hello everyone ! First thread here, I hope I'm creating it the right way ! (... And I'm french furthermore, sorry for my non-perfect english !) So i rented a house last week, in which were 2 vintage floorstanding speakers, without any reference (except an unknow logo at the front) I did some...
  6. R

    For amusement: pictures of a 1970s Panasonic 8-track player found in the garage

    Pictures of recently-uncovered Panasonic 8-track player, which still plays well after a few years in the garage.
  7. T

    Topping A90 cannot power vintage bookshelf speakers: Infinity RS-2

    Kindly help me understand why my setup cannot power vintage bookshelf speakers. I couldn’t find an answer in previous similar thread - Mac to D10 to Topping A90 to XLR output to...
  8. Neddy

    For Sale: Vintage 70s Sony 2000F Preamp (Home market)

    Time to let go some of my vintage gear, and clear up the clutter! I'm mostly judging interest here. This preamp was brought in by an aquaintence from Japan back in the early 70s. It includes the original Japanese owners manual, the English version (US, presumably) and US service manual. The wood...
  9. MediumRare

    Rare JBL D44000 Paragon Speaker Console

    Here’s your chance to own something very rare and cool. Has anyone heard these? Seen measurements?
  10. Unchanging Window

    Phono pre suggestions?

    Greetings, all! Sorry in advance if my issue has been covered before countless times; I'm a new member who just discovered this great site today: My setup is a bit odd: I have two Technics 1200s (one a MK5, and the other a brand new 1210-GR); one has an AT-VM540ML and the other an AT-VM740ML...
  11. ThatM1key

    A Guide to New and Vintage Color CD-Rs

    I kind of miss the fun the colorful CD-Rs that companies used to make. I'll speak in USD prices (combined selling price + shipping) and show stock photos. The baseline/reference is Verbatim's 100pack plain non-inkjet discs that sell for $20 to $22. Images on this first post are not owned by me...
  12. ThatM1key

    What do you guys think of Time-Life Music?

    Like the title says.
  13. St1n

    Vintage vs Modern; Class A vs A/B

    My journey so far... I've been on the hi-fi merry-go-round for a little while now, and having an engineering background, decided to go the vintage route as an attempt to save on costs. I've found that after re-capping these units from the 70's, these units generally perform quite well...
  14. Xulonn

    Retro Audio Musings - the "old days" vs 2020

    This thread is being created for the purpose of rambling on about vintage and retro audio - with a hope that the significance and lasting power of various innovations and technologies related to high fidelity audio will be included. I expect the discussion to be random thoughts on the subject...
  15. LTig

    Vintage Audio: Measurements of Arcam Black Box 3 mk1

    As requested by @andreasmaaan here I made some measurements of an old DAC: the Arcam Black Box 3 MK1 which I bought new in 1991 (without MK1, see below). It retailed for around € 780 then (converted). Here are the front and the back: It supports 44.1 and 48 kHz samplerate with 16 bits - that...
  16. dallasjustice

    VU Meters: Let's See 'Em!!

    If you got 'em, post a pic. Or just post a pic of your favorite VU meters. Here's a Luxman 700u. I'll post the Luxman 900u later on.
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