1. N

    Buzzing sound (sample linked) with USB and 3.5mm only when connected to same PC

    Mystery noise. Audio sample here. Piano is turned on at the 2 sec mark. Noise is from the 7 sec mark. Clip length is 23 sec. I have a brand new Kawai ES920 digital piano. It has USB MIDI and unbalanced 3.5mm Line In. If I connect USB (for MIDI in) and 3.5mm (line out from PC) to the same PC, a...
  2. T

    Amp volume goes up and down.

    The title basically says it all (but clearly not enough or I wouldn't be posting). I have an aiyima a07. I replaced the opamps (I know this is seen as stupid, but it was cheap and easy, and I am only just getting back into this hobby) but I am ~95% sure this was happening prior to the change...
  3. Biblob

    Motu Utltralite MK4 as multichannel DAC on Windows?

    Hi all, I have had succes with using a Xonar U7 as a multichannel device after installing it's drivers. I have upgraded to the Motu Ultralite MK4, notice this is not the MK5 that has been reviewed here. Before plugging it in I installed the latest drivers from Motu. But I stumble against a...
  4. B

    Bluetooth audio dipping on Loxjie D30

    Long time lurker first timer poster. I hope this is the right forum for this thread. If not I apologise and can repost elsewhere if any kind soul can guide me where is best. It’s clear there are members who could help with my issue. I’ve a Loxjie D30. I use usb input (from Volumio on an Pi)...
  5. mxlv900

    E30 stops detecting signal randomly

    Hi everyone, wish you guys are doing great. Setup: I use a topping E30 serial number 2012733085 plugged into my Windows 10 laptop via usb, using the latest topping drivers, version 5.20.0. My settings are the following: 32 bits, 512 samples, safe mode turned on. Issue: I noticed that very...
  6. B

    Please help troubleshooting Hypex NC500MP

    Hi all, I'm at a loss to figure out what's wrong with my Hypex NC500mp build but I'm not getting any sound from it. I have a balanced input that I've verified works fine through my Crown D75 but when I swap in the NC500MP I get nothing. These units have the built in power supply and I"ve...
  7. Danchina

    Orange jelly/grease on amplifier transformer

    Hello guys, new to the forum and audio related tech in general. I didn't know where to post this but here I go. I paired up a new yamaha a-s501 with a pair of elac dbr62. When near the amplifier i could smell some strong plastic odor coming from it (doesn't smell exactly like burnt plastic)...
  8. M

    Loxjie A30 Amplifier - Unable to get discrete 2.1 channels with Windows USB, only shows up as stereo "Headphones"

    I've connected my Windows 10 laptop via USB to the A30. Under devices the A30 shows up as "Headphones (TX-384Khz Hifi Type-C Audio)" however I have no way of changing the number of channels to 2.1 so I can discretely send sound to the L, R, and Subwoofer RCA out on the A30. Anyone run into...
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