topping pa5

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    Connecting subwoofer

    I would like to integrate/connect a sub to my system and I am not sure which would be my best option. I have been reading in the forum how other members in my situation have connected it and I was hoping if someone would be able to confirm. I have: Laptop -topping e50 - topping pa5- elac DBR62...
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    PA5 Review by Daschund

    A dogs ear doesn't lie. Looks like the Topping PA5+E50 stack is putting out detail she has never heard before :D
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    Will Audiophonics HPA S400ET be an improvement over Topping PA5 for speakers that can take 400 watts @4 ohms

    Grateful for thoughts, especially if anyone uses Topping PA5 with speakers that take more power, rather than in a nearfield setup. My speakers are Arundal 1723 Monitor THX (advised as 400 watts RMS @4ohms). I bought a Topping PA5 to experiment (thanks to ASR) and now using more often than my...
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    Earthing sparks? (ft. Rega Schiit iFi miniDSP & Topping)

    First time poster :). I ran into a ground hum problem (very loud) in the following chain: Rega P1 TT ----> Schiit Mani/iFi Zen Phono (doesn't matter which one) ----> miniDSP 2x4 HD (rca in--rca out) ---->Topping PA 5 x 2* ----> DIY LXmini speakers. (*The RCA to TRS cables for interfacing the...
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    Amp + streamer options for Elac Deb. Ref. 62?

    Hi, I'm rather new to ASR. By coincidence I got a pair of speakers recommended by this forum, the Elac Debut Reference 62. I'm gonna use them for a dining room setup. Now I'm looking for something to drive them and I want: - Small in size - Support for Chromecast and Roon - Preferably support...
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