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  1. mxlv900

    E30 stops detecting signal randomly

    Hi everyone, wish you guys are doing great. Setup: I use a topping E30 serial number 2012733085 plugged into my Windows 10 laptop via usb, using the latest topping drivers, version 5.20.0. My settings are the following: 32 bits, 512 samples, safe mode turned on. Issue: I noticed that very...
  2. G

    Need help with loudness equalization while using DAC

    It has been difficult for me to find an answer online, that's why I'm posting here. Recently, I purchased a Topping E30 DAC to use with my Windows PC and active studio monitor. As well as listening to music, I enjoy watching movies. When I connect the DAC to the computer, the loudness equalizer...
  3. J

    Help eliminating USB noise from PC to Topping E30

    Hello all, I constantly hear high pitched buzzing and crackling through my headphones when using USB to connect PC to E30 to Schiit Asgard 3. I used to fix this by using optical, but my new motherboard does not have any sort of optical or coax out, only USB. This brings me back to the original...
  4. dpippel

    SOLD: Like New Topping E30 DAC + Raspberry Pi 4 Roon Endpoint Combo

    ** SOLD **
  5. Z

    Best DAC

    Hello, I am building an inexpensive system for listening to music from a PC. The question is what is better to take as a DAC. Right now I'm using the ifi Zen DAC, but it's too weak as an amplifier, and also produces a small but still noticeable noise at high volume when connected to an...
  6. ThatM1key

    Topping ASIO Leak Problem

    I searched hard on google and couldn't find a single answer. I always get results about people asking why ASIO blocks another programs sounds but ironically my problem is the opposite. The program I use is foobar2000 So what happens is when I force ASIO on my Topping E30, the "ASIO" says it...
  7. E

    Topping E30 - when input sample rate changes: no sound

    Dear fellow music lovers, Since a few month I use a Topping E30 in dac modus in my music system. I ‘m very content but for one thing. I have to switch the input back and forth in order to hear music when the sample rate of the signal changes. Let’s give an example. The streamer (Logitech...
  8. J

    Topping E30 DAC & Spotify

    Hello, everyone! I am very new to DACs and hi-fi systems in general. I have a Topping E30 DAC on the way which I will be connecting to my PC (Windows 10). I have the Edifier r1280db for my speakers which already has a built-in class D amplifier. Lastly, I will be streaming my music mainly from...
  9. J

    Topping E30 volume control from the player and the dac itself

    I just bought a Topping E30. It sounds great. I am very happy. My use case is to play Apple Music hi-res from iPad Pro via USB-C to E30 (Preamp mode), and then to Bryston Amp (with no preamp). You can change volume at two places: 1) iPad Pro Music App and 2) E30 remote control. I would like to...
  10. M

    Weird thing (Topping E30 DAC + Marantz receiver)

    Hi. I'm experiencing a weird phenomenon and it's bothering me. I have a marantz nr1609 receiver and I play music from my phone and it sounds pretty great when the phone is connected through a........... bluetooth receiver! Then I have a new topping e30 dac connected to same receiver and USB to...
  11. T

    Topping DACs with a phone as an input

    I have looked and looked and cannot find a solid answer for my question. That's why I decided to finally make an account and ask rather than continue to lurk. I basically want to buy a topping D10s or an E30. I mostly use my phone as an input device because thats where I keep all my music...
  12. B

    No reviews on Audioengine?

    hi everyone, I have Yamaha as701 with a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2. I also own a Topping MX3. I am looking for a dac/streamer to connect to Yamaha. I have the possible options below, would like to hear your opinions 1- connect Topping MX3 via digital and use it as a bluetooth streamer. 2-...
  13. L

    Intermittent buzzing on Topping L30/E30 setup

    Basically I get this random buzzing, it's 5-7 short 1-3 second buzzes of sound, at a sort of mid pitch (the pitch is the same all the time), and then it stops. It happens randomly, some times it's every 15 minutes, other times it could be an hour between instances. I tried a couple pairs of...
  14. Reckoner

    Help E30 + Raspberry PI

    Hello. How are things? I hope well I don't know if this is the correct place in the forum to ask my question. This was discussed in various topics but since I never used PI, I have some doubts. I have Topping E30 and Topping L30. An external hard drive with 750GB of music. Subscription to...
  15. Tatr76

    SMSL sanskrit/E30 5 VOLT Charger choice

    Hi First post, noob question. Have some small Dacs in various locations, Topping E30 and SMSL Sanskrit mk2. Use spare bricks that have amassed over time, all 5 volt but amp ratings differ mainly consisting of 0.5, 1 and 2 amp. Is there any benefit to which I use? Thanks Thomas
  16. D

    Topping E30 and Bluesound Node 2i auto power on/off not working?

    Hi folks, I have a new Topping E30 that is connected via coax to my Node 2i and via Toslink to my TV. I have the E30 set to auto power on & off. The auto power on and off works fine with the TV but will not work when playing through the Node 2i - the Topping does not wake from standby from the...
  17. mxlv900

    Looking for a headphone amp around 200

    Hi, I'm looking to get a headphone amp to use with my Topping E30. My max budget is around 200 USD. Right now, I have Audio-Technica M40x in my possession as well as the KZ Z10s Pro iems. I'm also looking forward to buying other pairs of headphones in the future like the Sennheiser 6xx and I'd...
  18. ThatM1key

    My current setup has distortion for some reason now.

    For the past few weeks my desktop setup has been having crackling audio at any volume. High DR and low DR has the same crackling. The oldest part is my Sansui 2000A. You can only hear noise at max volume but its very faint then. My dac is the Topping E30 and my speakers are the Elac Debut 2 b62...
  19. J

    ** SOLD** iFi iPower 5V/2.5A Low Noise DC Power Supply - Like New

    I am upgrading to a Topping DX7 Pro DAC and no longer need these. Both the E30 and iFi power supply are in mint condition, from a smoke and pet free home. No scratches/cracks/blemishes of any kind. I have all the original manuals and accessories that came with each, these are both like new...
  20. mxlv900

    Presonus Eris E5 hum

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum so if I'm doing any of this wrong feel free to tell me. I bought a Topping E30 DAC to hook up to my pair of Eris E5. The problem is that I experience a fairly loud hum/buzzing sound. I hooked them up through some THX RCAs that I had lying around in the house...
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