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  1. Doggie

    Topping D10s strange and scary DSD static onset issue

    Hello all, proud owner of a new Topping L30 + D10s stack. Many thanks to everyone on this forum who test these units and helped me make an informed decision. I've been having a very concerning problem with my D10s that has seemingly just started related to DSD playback. On any DSD sample rate...
  2. S

    Help! problems with my dac Topping

    Hello I recently published a post saying what dac to buy for 100 dollars and among the dacs was the Topping D10s and they recommended me to buy it to combine it with my smsl sp200 amplifier. Now the Topping D10s dac from Amazon finally arrived in my country and I used it and it worked but I...
  3. pma

    Topping D10s Owner Measurements/Quick Review

    Topping D10s USB DAC I bought this little DAC from Audiophonics France It has arrived after 6 days from purchase. I made some measurements : Output Noise Noise is...
  4. G

    UPGRADE - Meridian Explorer DAC v1 / Topping D10s + JDS ATOM Amp Headphone

    Hi Folks I recently purchased a JDS Atom amp Headphone and I already have two DACs. 1- Meridian Explorer DAC v1 2- Topping D10s In my little experience and after some testing I found that Meridian sounded better than Topping. I'm using Meridian's fixed output which provides 2v rms (it is a...
  5. T

    Topping DACs with a phone as an input

    I have looked and looked and cannot find a solid answer for my question. That's why I decided to finally make an account and ask rather than continue to lurk. I basically want to buy a topping D10s or an E30. I mostly use my phone as an input device because thats where I keep all my music...
  6. B

    No reviews on Audioengine?

    hi everyone, I have Yamaha as701 with a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2. I also own a Topping MX3. I am looking for a dac/streamer to connect to Yamaha. I have the possible options below, would like to hear your opinions 1- connect Topping MX3 via digital and use it as a bluetooth streamer. 2-...
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