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  1. M

    Inexpensive, Musical DAC wanted...

    I use a 2009 MacBook Pro as a music server (Audirvana and AIFF files), connected to a Cambridge Topaz AM10 and Polk LSiM703. I have the MBP connected to the Topaz via its audio out, thus using the MBP's internal DAC. Considering an inexpensive external USB DAC. No particular need for optical...
  2. L

    Topping D10 VS D50S! Looking to upgrade to new speakers in the future, most probably something like 400W speakers with amp. In that case, D10 or D50?

    My specs: Speakers- AudioEngine A5+ Sources- Windows PC and iPhone Max Audio Files- 24/196, 24/192 and some DSD files! Topping D10 VS D50S Please cast your votes! ☺️
  3. L

    How can I play flac files on my windows computer using CCA and using my iPhone as a remote?

    Speakers:Audioengine A5+ DAC:Topping D50 or D50s Audio files: 24/196, 24/192 and DSD files. I'd like to use the DAC of my Topping device (which I haven't chosen yet) instead of the CC. I want to use the CC to stream lossless music, if possible! My source is my iPhone and Windows PC. Yes, I...
  4. L

    Best DAC under $300 for Audioengine A5+ powered speakers

    My source is my PC and my purpose is to listen to FLAC 24/196, 24/192 etc and DSD music files! Please give your recommendations! I have made a poll as well feel free to vote plus recommend devices that you think are better! Thanks! ☺️
  5. L

    Topping D10 2019 or D30

    Which has better specs to play lossless music from powered bookshelf speakers? (AudioEngine A5+)
  6. K

    Scratchy Noisy Pot on the JDS Atom

    So, my JDS Atom has a veryyyy noisy pot. Rotating it causes quite a bit of noise. Given that it is an analog pot (I believe), do you think I shouldn't worry too much or get and RMA ? Has anyone else faced this on the Atom yet ?
  7. H

    Topping D10 or Schiit Modi 3?

    Hi all, Help me decide the better purchase: 1. JDS Labs Atom paired with Topping D10. 2. JDS Labs Atom paired with Schiit Modi 3. 3. Topping DX3 Pro. Which one has the best overall performance?
  8. amirm

    Review and Measurements of Topping D10 DAC

    This is a review of the recently released Topping D10 DAC. I purchased mine from massdrop for just $75 including shipping. I see it online from Aliexpress for $89. I must say, this is one of the most handsome budget DACs I have seen with a nice retro amber/orange 7-segment LED display...
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