topping d10 dac

  1. K

    Scratchy Noisy Pot on the JDS Atom

    So, my JDS Atom has a veryyyy noisy pot. Rotating it causes quite a bit of noise. Given that it is an analog pot (I believe), do you think I shouldn't worry too much or get and RMA ? Has anyone else faced this on the Atom yet ?
  2. H

    Topping D10 or Schiit Modi 3?

    Hi all, Help me decide the better purchase: 1. JDS Labs Atom paired with Topping D10. 2. JDS Labs Atom paired with Schiit Modi 3. 3. Topping DX3 Pro. Which one has the best overall performance?
  3. amirm

    Review and Measurements of Topping D10 DAC

    This is a review of the recently released Topping D10 DAC. I purchased mine from massdrop for just $75 including shipping. I see it online from Aliexpress for $89. I must say, this is one of the most handsome budget DACs I have seen with a nice retro amber/orange 7-segment LED display...
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