streaming processor

  1. S

    all in one streaming device(?)

    Hello all'y'all I've got this minor first world problem that I've been living with for a good year now and I'm getting itchy fingers now. My setup consists of an SMSL M500 DAC, two separate Hypex NC400 mono blocks and then my speakers, Audiovector Si3. Apart from that there's this regular...
  2. jcardoza

    FS: MiniDSP - SHD Studio (SOLD)

    Hey All! Selling a MiniDSP SHD Studio. Its an open box unit, this is an extra unit that I never ended up using. Original box not included. ***Microphone not included. Price: $825 with shipping within the states. Other notes: SHD Studio All in One Streaming processor w/ Dirac Live...
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