1. L

    vintage electrostatic headphone longevity

    was considering buying some older stax headphones, but concerned about how long theyll last... i know speakers for example, might require replacement of the foam edge around a woofer. so not sure if its worth trying, or if i should just buy new models and avoid the headache. are there...
  2. soundwave76

    SOLD - Stax L300 Limited + SRM-252S [EU]

    Selling a mint condition pair of Stax L300 Limited headphones. These are special edition models that have L700 model drivers and L500 model ear cushions -> sound is MUCH better than on the normal L300 models. Also selling a Stax amp SRM-252S which drives these easily - I listen these with the...
  3. S

    Headphone amp smells like burning plastic with random rely clicks

    My Stax amp was just set up today. I noticed it smells a bit like burning plastic when smelling really close up, like nose on the metal close. It sounds all right but I do get some rely activation clicks, maybe like five times per hour, totally random. The weird thing is it clicks even when...
  4. KeithPhantom

    Why aren't many solid-state based electrostatic amplifiers, specially for headphones?

    Right now I'm in the market for a Stax SR-009(S) and I'm in the search for an amplifier to go with it. My issue is there are a lot of tube (valve)-based ones, and this is a deal-breaker for me. I'm not assuming those valve amplifiers measure bad (we just don't know), I just do not like valves...
  5. cheaha

    STAX / DAC Pairing

    I have really enjoyed SRM-353X & L700 pairing. Are there any other STAX owners out there? What DAC are you using vs. which ones have you tried? This week I have tried SMSL SU-8 (Balanced and Unbalanced) OPPO HA-2SE (Unbalanced) WesionTEK Khadas Tone Board (Unbalanced) What are your...
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