1. dominikz

    Revel M16 - quasi-anechoic spinorama and misc measurements

    This is a quasi-anechoic spinorama measurement of the Revel M16 passive bookshelf speaker. Although this speaker was one of the relatively early ones measured in high precision using Klippel NFS in a review by @amirm (link), I figured it is always nice to have another independent data point so I...
  2. dominikz

    Neumann KH 120A - spinorama and misc measurements

    Hello all, This will be a summary of (many :)) measurements I did with the Neumann KH 120A that I recently purchased. The pair were manufactured in 2013 and sport the older, IMO slightly industrial looking finish: A few notes on measurement methodology: The loudspeaker has been measured at...
  3. dominikz

    JBL LSR305 (1st gen) quasi-anechoic measurements

    Today I finally measured one of my 1st generation JBL LSR305s, using the quasi-anechoic method, and used it to create a spinorama-style report. It is far from the precision of an NFS, but I hope it might still provide some qualitative insight on these pretty common loudspeakers. Some...
  4. M

    Emotiva B1+ quasi-Spin & measurements | Archimago

    https://archimago.blogspot.com/2021/02/measurements-emotiva-airmotiv-b1.html? I was gonna say it looked poor, until I noticed he only used a 30dB scale. Taking that into mind, this is really good for $230 (the original B1 was $300). Do not use the grilles though. Oh, and he also goes on to...
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