space limited

  1. S

    Please help me upgrade my desktop speakers (48" tv as monitor makes space limited)

    Hey all, I have kind of a tough situation spatially with my current PC setup. I do a lot of sim racing, fps, and single player gaming and like to use both speakers and headphones. I am very satisfied with my headphone setup, but am rather lost on how to upgrade my speaker setup. I am space...
  2. Marasmic

    Need a pair of monitors with better bass extension than the IK MMs (Budget less than $500 if possible)

    Hey all, I'm currently in the market for a pair of monitors to replace the IK micromonitors I bought. The micromonitors are very impressive for their size, but they're very forward with the mids and they're not able to reproduce the bass tones in a lot of the music I listen to/make. I bought...
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