1. U

    Help with surround sound on Windows PC

    Hi! I have the following setup: - Windows 11 desktop PC: Motherboard Asus TUF GAMING B660M-PLUS D4 and soundcard Creative Sound Blaster Z SE. Also an optical Blu-ray drive and 1080p DLP projector. - Yamaha receiver HTR-6130, connected to five speakers and a subwoofer. Creative sound card is...
  2. A

    Air Pressure and Balloons and Presence Near You

    I have an interesting topic... well it's something I've been fascinated with for many years... I didn't know exactly what section to post this, but this one seemed like the best fit. It's a sensitivity to low frequencies. I'm a basshead (my best car audio system was a Cerwin Vega Stroker 18...
  3. PaperBoat

    Audiophile music player for Windows/Mac and your opinion...

    The best audiophile music player for Windows/ Mac as per your choice and why do you like it?
  4. PaperBoat

    Fungus on soft dome tweeter...

    My studio monitor's soft dome tweeters are infected by fungus... Will it deteriorate the sound quality of those tweeters?
  5. U

    Having trouble interpreting frequency graph

    Hello, I am new when it comes the room acoustics, I have been mixing in headphones most of the time, and now I would like to start mixing on speakers , I have set up my speakers and my best listening position in my room, it is a small room with a slanted roof. I have ran some test on REW with L...
  6. PaperBoat


    Is 2Vrms enough to achieve the maximum SPL when using the -10dBV input of JBL 305p MKii? +6dBV = 1.995Vrms?
  7. PaperBoat

    Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface

    I've some questions about the Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface... Can anyone help? Is the Onyx Artist 1x2 2X2 USB Audio Interface's main "Monitor knob" done volume control digitally (before the DAC attenuation) OR analogically (after the DAC attenuation) on the 1/4" Line Outputs...
  8. Thunder

    Bookshelf speakers vs studio monitors for just entertainment?

    I'll be using them with my PC to listen to music, watch movies, play games always at nearfield position and I'd like a very good sound quality, I won't be doing any music production, mixing, recording... I have no specific budget. I'm giving 2 examples. Speakers: ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2...
  9. C

    Better mic than behringer xm8500?

    I am looking to buy a cheap audio interface M-Audio M-Track Solo, i want to know if their are any better options for mics than Behringer xm8500 for max $100. Is gonna be used at a close distance mostly for discord or streaming. I live in europe. Thank you ahead
  10. mononoaware

    Hideous Sounds - Your healthy dose of noise and distortion.

  11. V

    Transparency in sound explanation?

    I wonder what transparency means and influence the overall sound frequency response/sound signature, I wanna know how I should choose my equipment. So, for EXAMPLE: EL8 Titanium headphones, this is the frequency response graph...
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