1. D

    Can somebody check for me if Sony Music app on Sony Xperia plays hi-res audio on DAC with the correct frequency/depth?

    I don’t have a DAC, but I really want to find out if the Sony Music app outputs the correct frequency without downsampling. I can’t find the answer anywhere. There is a common claim that Android downsamples to 48 KHz, but Android 10 and above has full hi-res audio support (24+/192 kHz) per...
  2. J

    Adding a volume pot to a PS-LX49 turntable

    I just got my first older record player, and I'm looking to modify it. I'd like to add a volume knob. To be clear, this is not a question about preamps, only about what type of potentiometer I need to get (I know the volume knob will not make the phono output louder). I have worked with...
  3. K

    Can you guys tell whether this MDR-7506 is legit not fake just from the package?

    I'm asking for help before deciding to buy it... I live in Chile and I got these photos from the provider I might be just over cautious but I really don't want to buy a fake one.
  4. ThatM1key

    What is the best method to play back digital stereo music on an AVR?

    Like the title says, What is the best method to play back digital stereo music on an AVR? I used to be a major DSD & high-res freak but now I am perfectly happy with CD quality music. I have a Sony STR-DN1080, which I am fairly certain it can reproduce CD quality music well, Anything above CD...
  5. ThatM1key

    The weird things about the Sony STR-DN1080

    I seen people praise the Sony STR-DN1080 but I have not see much people talk about its weird quirks and sayings. Mind you this info comes from the web manual and personal experience. The "BD/DVD" and "SA-CD/CD" HDMI inputs have better sound quality over the other HDMI inputs Source HDMI to...
  6. sweetchaos

    Sony SS-CS5 bookshelf speaker (review by Erin)

    Thanks to @hardisj for his review: Erin's conclusion: Discuss!
  7. ThatM1key

    Downsizing from 5.1.2 to 3.0

    I've been thinking about this for a while. In order to have 5.1.2, I have to arrange my room in a specific way and it's a tight fit. If I enjoyed movies and multichannel music more I wouldn't mind this setup. Initially that's how I thought but now I'm getting sick of having this 5.1.2 setup. I...
  8. Saidera

    Sony Music Australia Behind the scenes with Denis Handlin

    ILLUSTRATION: JOHN SHAKESPEARE I was so shocked by what I read here today: But on the other hand I wasn't exactly shocked, I sort of expected that something of this sort had been hidden...
  9. Saidera

    Fun topic: Virtual Society SAPARi (さぱり) on Sony's Community Place! You will get a glimpse of SAPARi in this video:–-vaio-pcv-mx2.25762/ SAPARi was made possible through work done by Sony...
  10. artburda

    Field Recorder Comparison Sony PCM-D100 vs Olympus LS-11 (vs Motu M4)

    I recently treated myself with a Sony PCM-D100. The price was just too good. Here is a quick ADC Line In comparison with my Olympus LS-11. The measurements were done in REW V5.20 RC8b with a Motu M4 using the unbalanced monitor output (Output 1 RCA) which was connected to the Topping L30 so...
  11. S

    Preamp for three tape decks

    Hi At the moment I'm feeding an RME ADI-2 DAC directly into a vintage Sony poweramp (TA-N77ES) with the attenuation on the amp set to bypass. I also have three tape decks (Nagra IV-S, Revox B77, and Sony WM-D6C) connected to the amp which I use with the amp's second input and using variable...
  12. Saidera

    What Does DSEE HX AI / DSEE Ultimate / DSEE Extreme Do?

    Without a DSP called DSEE HX AI, audio seems blended with collapsed soundstage. Basically smoother vocals and transient attack is what DSEE HX already had, whereas ‘height’ is by AI… You could try out these audio players with some headphones and mp3s. It should bring out details - restore...
  13. M

    Mark Cerny (PS5’s Lead Architect) covering HRTF & 3D Audio

    It’s covering the whole system, but this section (40min mark) shows how serious Sony is taking audio in games. I’m surprised this is currently #1 on trending on YouTube, as it’s not like Apple doing a Keynote for a new product, it’s simply Mark talking about how they created the PS5. The...
  14. C

    Sony NWZX300 - quick measurements

    I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my Sony NWZX300 – a beautiful (yet flawed) little beast. Great interface, stunning build quality, snappy performance... but significantly underpowered. Also, there's no "Enqueue" or "Add to playback queue" function, which is a real shame! And beware that buying one...
  15. Arnandsway

    360 Reality Audio - New format by Sony

    So at CES 2019, Sony introduced a supposedly new format for implementing object-based audio in to a proprietary format. It should make every headphone (and speakers??) able to reproduce a "realistic" soundstage etc. Sony's own page A news article about this giving some more explanation Could...
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