sony pcm-d100

  1. Saidera

    Onebitious too ambitious? and the mighty PCM-D100 one bit ambitious

    It was produced from 2015 to 2018. Released exclusively on mora. During those 4 years, around 30 odd concerts in Japan were recorded via PCM-D100, some with binaural mics and other mics, some with 4 channel, others probably just with its internal mics...
  2. artburda

    Field Recorder Comparison Sony PCM-D100 vs Olympus LS-11 (vs Motu M4)

    I recently treated myself with a Sony PCM-D100. The price was just too good. Here is a quick ADC Line In comparison with my Olympus LS-11. The measurements were done in REW V5.20 RC8b with a Motu M4 using the unbalanced monitor output (Output 1 RCA) which was connected to the Topping L30 so...
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