1. D

    General EQ advice

    Hey all, longtime reader and first time poster. The objective nature of this forum is refreshing, to say the least. It's also turned me on to the idea of EQ'ing my nearfield monitors and headphones. For now, I haven't attempted to measure or correct room gain or reflections at all. Using...
  2. S

    How to test devices

    Hey all! I've just discovered this forum and am eager to dive into some measurements on my own equipment. Only problem: I can't find any tutorials - I can't even find what software y'all use! I've searched around a bit but can't find a thing - I'd be grateful if someone could link me to...
  3. BillG

    Chromecast Desktop Audio Streamer has been updated to Version 3.0

    It facilitates streaming from a Windows computer to a Google Chromecast, for those unfamiliar with it...
  4. pozz

    Establishing Measurement Guidelines

    Calling resident technical experts, scrutinizers and contributors. This has been a topic of discussion for some time now and the various pieces are distributed across the forum. I'm not sure how to begin given the wide array of tested components, setups and software used. Maybe at first we...
  5. AndrovichIV

    Linux settings for an audiophile

    I created a Reddit thread with my setup to get the best audio from Linux. This is work in progress, so any comments will be greatly appreciated!
  6. dc655321

    Integrating DSP Engine into the Linux Audio Stack

    I would very much appreciate some input from the wise members of this site on various aspects of implementing and integrating a convolution engine into the Linux audio stack. I'm thinking of members like @Cosmik , @mansr , @pos, @yue or others that may have some experience digging around in the...
  7. pkane

    Beta-test: DeltaWave Null Comparison software

    Folks, Only for the brave: I'd like to solicit your feedback and suggestions on DeltaWave null-testing software. It's an early preview, so please be gentle! Details and software download are available here: An example report produced by DeltaWave comparing two USB cables...
  8. CuteStudio

    The SeeDeClip4 Declipping Music Server

    Ok, I'm not really a dealer but my software is for sale and does serve these purposes: * Helps me organise my music * Makes many of my CDs sound better * Selling copies means other people get interested and suggest stuff that makes it sound better and easier to use * Saves me having to buy...
  9. amirm

    It is All Software!

    It is All Software By Amir Majidimehr [Note: this is an article that was published in the Widescreen Review Magazine] OK, it is not all software but most of it is. What am I talking about? I am talking about video! Yes, video. Please don’t flip the page. Let me explain with a bit of...
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