snake oil

  1. K

    Genuine snake oil - the real thing

    I kept reminding myself not to fall for snake oil. But somehow it does seem to have positive effects. See this study: More info on the topic can be found here: :p
  2. jensgk

    Synergistic Research apparently at "war" against Gene from Audioholics

    Ted Denney, owner of Synergistic Research, who are renowned for their very suspicious audio products claims, apparently feels so exposed by Gene DellaSala from Audioholics, that he is going to "war" against him. Poor Gene, having to deal with that...
  3. WickedInsignia

    The Scaling Myth

    By far the most prevalent argument in headphones for spending money on "better" amps is the idea that gear will scale. For example: The HD600 is generally considered a headphone that scales....or at least according to many laymen in the hobby. However in my experience talking with others here...
  4. simplex

    The Anti-Snake Oil Thread

    Since we already have a rather entertaining thread about snake oil theories, I thought it might be nice to start a thread collecting links and docs regarding content that puts audio-related snake oil theories where they belong: in the book of myths, in the poison cabinet, in the wastebin, or...
  5. G

    Tarun's take on the most controversial subject in audio!

    Best hifi cable explanation I've seen. Finely a comprehensive and sane view on cables. This is definetly worth watching regardless of where you stand on this subject.
  6. sam

    Thing about cables and filters

    I know that the most of the members here laughs first when you hear about the golden cable and the miracle filters. But other than the box like this, most of the other products at least use something gold this and capacitor that. This came up to my mind and was thinking that the measurements...
  7. K

    Do the cables matter?

    Hi! I've heard tons of bullshit about "highend" cables, 1000$ cable "boosters", 100$ "virtual ground" (a literal f.... cable which goes into nowhere), XXXXX$ Power cables, XXX$ USB cables ect. ect... So my question here, will my stuff sound better if i change my RCA interconnects / speaker...
  8. GrimSurfer

    Racks... The Next Frontier

    Recently read in WhatHiFi, the audio equivalent of those mags you read while standing in line at the grocery store (because it's the butler's day off): The snake oil practically oozes from the quill that wrote the reviews!
  9. BillG

    Innuos PhoenixUSB re-clocker

    Anyone care to professionally critique this? I've already got my own opinion about it (it's unnecessary as the DAC is just going to reclock the input anyway) but I'm curious as to what you all think. And, don't shoot the messenger here as I'm not endorsing the thing! I had a debate with a...
  10. Jorj

    Directional Cables And Other Faerie Folklore

    As a recovering addict (car stereo....leave me alone...I had lots of windshield time in a past life), I've tended towards an occasional foray into the home audio game. Just long enough to get what I consider acceptable sound, and get out. I'm not sure when this got started, but I saw nothing of...
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