smsl a300

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    How class D amplifier may react to headphone

    Hopefully this post is helpful/interesting to others and not just myself. I have recently purchased an SMSL A300. It suits my needs quite well, but I am hoping to extend it's functionality. Years ago I had a speaker tap cable made so that I could drive headphones directly from the speaker...
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    SMSL A300 amp - Bluetooth Internal DAC recognizing as headphone

    At the moment I'm using the SMSL A300's internal DAC and it sounds relatively good after all, pairing with the notebook is practical on days where I just want to turn on and play, but Windows 10 is recognizing it as a headset instead of speakers (which would be correct), I notice that there is a...
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    SMSL A300 + streamer quality compared to Sonos Amp.

    Currently looking for a streamer + amp to run my Q3030i speakers. Purely just use airplay2 or stream direct from unit for living room music listening. How does sound quality compare from a cheaper setup like Wiim Pro ($220aud) + SMSL A300 ($275aud) to a more expensive all in one unit like Sonos...
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