1. B

    Akabak questions and problems

    Hi all to people that are interested in simulation! I don't see much thread talking about the wonderful program Akabak. I think we can create a thread talking about the tips and tricks of it, and some problems we encounter. One question I have is the interface in front of infinite baffle...
  2. C

    "Analysis" of cardioid speaker radiation via lateral slots - like D&D 8c

    First off, I want to temper expectations, I'm certainly not a cardioid radiation expert - but will do my best. I can only touch on a few topics and if something interesting comes up I will expand the post if necessary. Index 1. Does it work? 2. Comparison speaker with slots to "normal" speaker...
  3. Pinox67

    THD Measurement: Do it represent the actual nonlinear harmonic distortion?

    As part of a study of the effects of non-linear distortions in amplifiers, I came across an aspect that left me a little perplexed. This is the way in which the THD value (and also the IMD and TD+N) of the data collected by the standard measurements is calculated. Measurement of distortions in...
  4. Pinox67

    Physics and perception of low-order nonlinear distortions

    Introduction In the engineering of electronic devices for music production or reproduction all designers are faced with the problem of minimizing the different forms of distortion inexorably introduced by their creations on the audio signal. They are commonly classified into two categories...
  5. R

    Simulation Analysis - Screws in Waveguide

    - Introduction - Erin (of Erin's Audio Corner) has expressed an interest in knowing the influence of screws in waveguides; if they protude from the waveguide, can the sound be affected? I have investigated this issue using a numerical simulation software. This is not an exhaustive analysis, but...
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