1. srkbear

    Yulong D11?

    I just saw that Yulong just released an upgrade to the DA10 called the DA11, now with ES9038pro instead of an AK4497, and 5 watts of power at 32 ohms instead of 3. It has a 3.5mm single-ended headphone output and both 4.4 pentaconn and XLR “fully balanced” options. They’re purporting a SNR of...
  2. A

    GUSTARD AND DSD512 AND... Shenzhenaudio

    HI to all I bought a Gustard X16 last year and an X26pro this year. Both read the DSD256 files but on the D512 files both return the following error (and also the figure): Unrecoverable playback error: Sample rate of 1411200 Hz not supported by this device This is in both DOP and Native ways...
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