shd studio

  1. jcardoza

    FS: MiniDSP - SHD Studio (SOLD)

    Hey All! Selling a MiniDSP SHD Studio. Its an open box unit, this is an extra unit that I never ended up using. Original box not included. ***Microphone not included. Price: $825 with shipping within the states. Other notes: SHD Studio All in One Streaming processor w/ Dirac Live...
  2. Tokyo_John

    Best Budget DAC for Subwoofer Downstream of miniDSP SHD Studio?

    I'm getting ready to add a subwoofer to my system (moving to a new place with a larger space) and I've become interested in the miniDSP SHD Studio, primarily for running Dirac. The SHD Studio handles up to 24/96 with output via SPDIF RCA or AES-EBU XLR to 2 separate for main speakers...
  3. Neto Rare

    SOLD!!!FS: MiniDSP SHD Studio SOLD!!!

    Purchased less than a month ago and still under warranty. Measuring mic not included. Includes original box, wifi dongle, ac adapter, remote, ethernet cable. Price: $729 Price includes FREE US shipping (insured), but will add PP fee. Pics here: Also posted here w/ feedbacks...
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