schiit fulla dac

  1. Boxermotor

    SMSL DA9 DAC/Amp Pairing

    Hi, new to ASR and appreciate the plethora of sound system information! I'm setting up a desktop sound system for my office and, after exploring different options, landed on testing out the Loxjie A30 all-in-one (headphone quality an issue, I know, but is passable) and the SMSL DA9. Since I...
  2. amirm

    Hardware Teardown of Schiit Fulla (V2) DAC and Headphone Amplifier

    I recently performed a review of Schiit Fulla DAC and Headphone amplifier. This is a follow teardown of the unit. Let's start with top down view of the unit: Starting on the right side we see the typical USB controller (Cmedia CM6631A) driving an AKM AK4490EQ DAC. An external flash IC...
  3. amirm

    Review and Measurements of Schiit Fulla (V1) Dac and Headphone Amplifier

    This is a review and measurement of the Schiit Fulla DAC and headphone amplifier. It is the version 1 and is on kind loan from a member. If you are interested in V2/current version, I have purchased that, and the review will be forthcoming. The Version 1 is a diminutive unit, a bit larger...
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