1. H

    Opinions on putting together a used high end 3.1 speaker system w/ amp and receiver

    Hi everyone, I've been researching high end speakers and amps for a couple weeks now, and honestly it's overwhelming. I'm not super technical so reading reviews and trying to understand the charts just confuses me. I've gone to a couple shops to demo speakers and amps in person but they've...
  2. Edgar

    Rythmik Audio CI Subwoofer?

    It seems like Rythmik Audio subwoofers have a good reputation on ASR. But I didn't see anything about the DIY subs from them, they call them CI series. Rythmik Audio • Servo subwoofer Products - Custom Install series Does anybody have experience with any of them? I am interested in these...
  3. C

    Setting Subwoofer Phase with REW

    I am trying to fine tune the phase for a Rhythmic L12 and a near field setup. The subwoofer is behind the listening position. Subwoofer is crossed over at 80hz via the amplifier crossover. Posted is a snapshot of the RTA using Pink PN with a sequence length of 64k, full range. Also included is...
  4. stevenswall

    Never Put Subwoofers In Corners... Even with DSP and Multi-Sub Setups?

    This article seems to go against a lot of what I hear on the forum: (Is this guy just trying to sell something?) https://www.acousticfields.com/why-you-should-never-place-subwoofers-in-your-corners/ "So don’t buy into this culture of putting the subwoofer in the corner. And definitely don’t...
  5. SimpleTheater

    Mismatched Subwoofers

    I’m still using a PSB Subseries 9 subwoofer and was hoping to replace it with two Rythmik subs (I do not have room for three or four subs). My dilemma is there is virtually no market for a used PSB 9 subwoofer in which, after shipping/eBay & PayPal fees, I end up with anything more than $150...
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