roon music server

  1. nugget

    Fixed my iTunes library “date added” to work better with Roon library imports

    I’ve got an iTunes library that dates back for well over a decade. As part of my migration from using iTunes as my primary music player to using Roon, I added my iTunes media folder as a library for my Roon Core server. This works great, except I’ve noticed that the “date added” for the tracks...
  2. LarsS

    Lars Roon Bridge/Server Build on a Budget Thread

    Second child moving out of home, only one remaining at home now. I'll convert his old room into a second music room/library. Since I already have Roon Core installed in primary listening room I'll build a Roon Bridge on a budget using an existing AMD / Linux PC I have, a few years old but I...
  3. amirm

    Amir's Music Server Build Thread

    Over the last few months I have had a number of requests to document my music server build. I finally got around to collecting and organizing my pictures and references. There are a number of such efforts such as CA's "CAP" series of music server specs. I have read through them and much of...
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