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  1. D

    What is the correct method to do room measurement to create Convolution Filter?

    Dear whom knows best about room acoustic measurement, I’m getting into creating convolution filter by REW to use with Roon. I’ve read few online instruction and I did 2 methods of measurement: 1. To use pink noise to perform 9 measurements/chanel while moving the RTA Mics around listening...
  2. G

    New Pi zero 2w with Hifiberry DAC2 HD ROON

    I have successfully utilized a Pi zero 2 W With DAC2 HD dac hat as a Roon endpoint. Setup was lots of trial and error and hair pulling as the Pi zero 2 only has WiFi and I didn’t have a usb Ethernet adapter. I finally landed in Diet pi headless install and SSH in to install needed updates for...
  3. Madjalapeno

    The beginners guide to setting up CAVA on a Raspberry Pi

    What is CAVA CAVA is a software spectrum analyzer for Linux devices. It will happily run on a Raspberry Pi, and here I will show you how to install it as a Roon Endpoint, with CamillaDSP. This post will be split into chunks as I write it. After doing this I tried a different screen and it...
  4. S

    Help needed with relative level from Chromecast Audio to DAC using Roon

    More on my continuing paring-down to essentials: I found last week that I could use an old Mac Mini as a "roon bridge" so that I could avoid the 16-bit limitation of AirPlay. So, the Mac Mini was the roon bridge between a different Mac Mini server located elsewhere and a MiniDSP 4x10 which...
  5. D

    Lars Roon Bridge/Server Build on a Budget Thread

    Second child moving out of home, only one remaining at home now. I'll convert his old room into a second music room/library. Since I already have Roon Core installed in primary listening room I'll build a Roon Bridge on a budget using an existing AMD / Linux PC I have, a few years old but I...
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