1. J

    About the choice of Revel F226Be, Kef R7 Meta and Perlisten R5t

    Hi everyone, I recently wanted to upgrade my main speakers. My room is 15 square meters, and I am currently using a pair of jbl studio690 as the main speakers. Their sound is good, but I always feel that there is something missing when listening to music. The r7 meta is the cheapest among them...
  2. C

    Tower speaker upgrade advice (Vandersteen 2Ci)

    I have the itch to try different speakers in my 2 channel listening room which consists of a WiiM pro plus -> (2) Marantz MA-700 -> 2Ci Room is 13' x 20' with vaulted ceilings and the listening area is off center so not bad according GIK who I sent my REW results. Prior to finding this site I...
  3. Astoneroad


    I can't believe that I'm selling these. I posted in another thread how I found a deal that I couldn't refuse on a pair of Salons, so these need to find someone looking for the perfect pair at the right price. These were purchased from Crutchfield in May of 2022, I've got the receipts and...
  4. AudioKC

    Revel M105 For Sale

    Hi there, I'm selling my great speaker, Revel M105, bought on and owned for about 9 months. Perfect condition, bought, put on the stand, and listened to top 80db, drove from Buckey Amp NCrore MP252. I'm very happy with the setup, I believe it is one of the greatest bookshelf...
  5. J

    Dispersion in Assymetrical Room (Revel vs Genelec...)

    Hello! First post, been enjoying reading this forum and the Floyd Toole book, good fun. Planning the setup for the living room I'm soon to move into. Wondering if you all can help decide between Genelec and Revel.... or something else! Floor plan is below. -There's a wall with a window...
  6. walt99

    FS: Revel F328be, Mint cond, 2 yrs old SOLD

    Like new Revel f328be speakers, no kids/smoking etc. absolutely like new. Includes all boxes and the insane shipping containers they come in. Will not ship, pick up only, DFW TX area. Would consider a smaller pair of Revels as partial trade, something like M106.
  7. B

    Distortion problem?

    Yesterday I reviewed a rew graph I made quite some time ago (1y+) and for 'fun' checked the distortion graph of the sweeps. I noticed there was quite a large bump at the right speaker in a particular region (1.6 - 1.7 Khz). Since these sweeps were taken so long ago and in the far field (3.5...
  8. ribosradagast

    SOLD!!!: revel m106 bookshelf speakers

    I have for sale a pair of Revel M106 speakers in the elegant Gloss Walnut finish. They’re very highly rated by Amir and ASR so I wanted to post them here before I went elsewhere. They worked great and sounded fantastic in their previous role, but have since been replaced with in walls. They...
  9. ribosradagast

    FS: revel m105 bookshelf speakers

    I have for sale a pair of Revel M105 speakers in the elegant Gloss Walnut finish. These have never even been taken out of the protective finish! They’re very highly rated by Amir and ASR so I wanted to post them here before I went elsewhere. They worked great and sounded fantastic in their...
  10. T

    Right amplifier for Concerta2 M16 but eco/ wallet friendly power consumption

    Hi! I am looking for an amp to complement The Revel Concerta2 speakers. The Cambridge Audio AXR100 is number 1 on my list, but I got second thoughts. I tend to keep my work environment eco-friendly, low-power consumption etc I prefer to use mobile devices and keep energy costs as low as I can...
  11. M

    Revel In-Wall and Multi-Sub Optimized (MSO) Listening Room Build

    A while back I set out to put the best sound possible (at resonable cost) into our small den. Being only 11’ by 11’, there really isn’t room for a bunch of home theater, audio equipment, or speakers. But I still wanted great sound. Design Targets: Slim mount 65’ TV In-wall speakers 2 hidden...
  12. K

    B&W 706S2 to KEF R3, M16 or Linton?

    Hello everyone, A search for new speakers is always a challenge. Currently I have the Bowers & Wilkins 706S2 at home as my main stereo setup and I'm somewhat pleased with the sound of them. They sound very good with Jazz but I have the idea that they aren't a relaxed listening. Much details and...
  13. Astoneroad

    Parts for Salon 2s?

    Even though I'm not currently in the market for anything, I habitually scan the used gear ads several times a day to torment myself. In the past few weeks, I've noticed more used Revel Salon 2s on the market than ever before. Some at prices that tempt me, even though I have no place to put...
  14. Kal Rubinson

    SOLD!!!: Revel Ultima2 Studios (Mahogany):SOLD!!!

    For Sale: Three Revel Ultima2 Studio Speakers in excellent condition. Come with original boxes, manuals, grilles, spikes/feet. Pick up in NYC or buyer arranges for shipment. $8000.00 for all three. Temporary pictures will be replaced/supplemented shortly.
  15. G

    Help me understand how the Ascend Acoustics Horizon Center compares to Revel C208 please

    Hello. So the Ascend gets a slightly higher Preference Score yet it seems from reading the actual evaluation the the C208 may be the superior center speaker. I have read that Preference score is also heavily influenced by bass performance and is not as useful as one may think? Anyway, just...
  16. R

    KEF R3 Black, 5 months old, I want to trade for Revel M106

    Hi, Piano Black KEF R3 set. No damage or bumps nicks. (the piano black finish has a few super micro scratches which is typical, very minor - not noticeable and only from someone using a cloth to dust them) Sound great. Have all the original packing for shipping. I am looking to see if anyone...
  17. U

    FS: KEF LS50

    I’m selling a like new pair of KEF LS50 speakers in black color. I used these for two speaker shootouts and as my office speakers for just over a year. They sound fantastic and are very neutral. I am only selling to provide funds for my next speaker shootout. They are in excellent, like new...
  18. U

    SOLD: Revel Performa m105

    I’m selling a like new pair of Revel Performa m105 speakers in black color. I purchased these brand new a year ago and only used these for two speaker shootouts. They look and sound fantastic and are very neutral. I realized I don’t like that neutral sound. That’s the only reason I’m selling...
  19. J

    Poll: Revel 226Be + sub or Revel 228Be (no sub)

    Dear members, I have been reading the forums here exhaustively and studying frequency response graphs, etc., and I simply cannot come to a good conclusion about which might be better for my space. I'm very curious what the readership here has to say about it so I decided to make a quick poll...
  20. J

    KEF R3 vs Revel M106

    Community, If someone were looking to upgrade speakers at this price point, which would you choose? Seems to be a win-win situation, but is there a compelling reason to choose one over the other? They both measure well with the only notable differences being the upper-mid/high emphasis and...
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