1. Mehdiem

    Upgrading Sub from KEF-Q400 to REL T7X, does it make sense?

    I’m wondering if upgrading my sub from KEF Q400 to one of the below candidates would have a noticeable impact on the purpose of music listening? In that case which sub (and size) would you go for? - REL T7X - KEF KC62 - I considered SVS Micro 3000 and loved the app, but I don’t like how it...
  2. Berwhale

    REL Quake Subwoofer Advice

    I am planning to build a simple amplifier switch box so that I can easily connect both my Onkyo AVR and Onix 2 channel amp to my front speakers. I have a REL Quake subwoofer connected to the AVR via the LFE output. The Quake also has a High Level input which is designed to be connected to the...
  3. amirm

    AXPONA: Luxman,Mofi,REL,Shunyata,Vandersteen Speakers,VPI Turntable,REL, Balanced Audio Technology

    This is Philip O'Hanlon, the importer of these products, who is an absolute gentleman with great taste in music.
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