1. Dilettante

    DBX frequency response

    First and foremost, I am honoured to finally join the forum. Long time reader, first time poster. Here I have a 20Hz-20KHz sweep as-is and processed through the well-known DBX 286 in the "bypass" mode on minimal (+10db) gain. Source Result Is this expected? Here are few more samples...
  2. Comrade Sandwich

    Reasonably knowledgeable audiophile (listener) wants to add EV RE20 Mic to Setup

    Hi there friends. I've been around the forums for a little while though but this is my first forum post. I've mostly just been here for troubleshooting, reviews, hardware measurements and general knowledge. Want to take a second to thank everyone especially Amir for the endless amount of...
  3. M

    Digital voice recorders (with "hold-to-record")

    Hi guys! Maybe you can help me out. I'm looking for a voice recorder that offers a "hold-to-record" option, that is, it only records while I'm holding the record button. (No, I don't want to use my phone.) It has to be digital and can preferably work as an audio interface to my PC. I checked...
  4. L

    getting rid of noise

    Hi, I feel like I don't quite get noise in analog-to-digital 1) why can't we record music at for example 17 bits, the quantized noise is last bit, right? And then we cut the last bit so no quantized noise??? 2) why can't we oversample > noise shape > downsample to get rid of noise The noise is...
  5. staticV3

    How to wire an electret microphone properly?

    I want to properly wire a Primo EM272 electret microphone capsule (specs) to use with battery-powered as well as mains-powered (mic->interface->PC->mains) recorders. Which of these cable layouts would be the correct choice? And Why? Thank you so much for your help!
  6. 617

    What's the deal with microphones?

    I want to record some voice-over stuff, and I have an inexpensive condenser mic. I was not really happy with the sound I was getting, so I started doing some EQ and looking at other microphones that people rave about...and I just don't understand what they're talking about. Can someone address...
  7. R

    Help wanted recording the outputs of the DAC and Headphone Amplifier

    I would like to digitally record the analog output of DACs and headphone amplifiers as high-resolution as possible. Unfortunately, I have little to no knowledge of it. What do I need as hardware? I have a Macbook and a ZOOM TAC-2R Thunderbolt Audio Converter. Is that enough or do I need a...
  8. N

    DMS said that harmonic distortion makes the sound pleasing

    From 4:25 to 5:00 DMS said: "In the recording end things like harmonic distortion is sought after. Some very expensive and well rounded microphones add significant harmonic distortion, then are plugged in through tube amps to power microphones - tube compressors and processed through different...
  9. B

    Time for an upgrade! Best Studio Monitors under $4000?

    Hey all! First time posting here. So glad to find this forum as I'm a believer in measurements to help dispel all the marketing we are saturated with! I run a mixing and mastering studio and I'm looking to upgrade my monitors that served me well the last 10 years (Dynaudio BM5A). I'm in a...
  10. Harmonie

    How do you sort (organise) your CDs, LPs, K7s, Tapes; physical medias

    be indulgent, it's my first thread: So many different ways and logics Alphabetical Style Date of recording and maybe more exotic ways. Really interested to discover alternatives. Me ? a bit of everything; I have a special section for the rock bands of the seventies and annexed their leaders...
  11. dualazmak

    Lute Music: Stunning Recordings We Love

    Throughout my long years of enthusiasm in classical music and Hi-Fi audio, I have always deeply loved lute music. Stunning recording of lute music, therefore, is one of the many major targets for the recently (provisionally) completed my multichannel multi-amplifier project. As you may agree...
  12. andreasmaaan

    Very early (pre-phonograph) recordings

    I ended up down a bit of an internet rabbit-hole, reading about early recording techniques. That led me to the phonoautograph, invented by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, which is generally recognised as the first technology capable of recording sounds directly from the air. I love this...
  13. Mariner9

    Microphone stand - worth getting an "anti-vibration" stand?

    Asking on behalf of someone who wants to record woodwind instruments (bassoon and sax). I believe he is going to for a Behringer XM8500 mic and given the quality of the mic, it's not clear that it's worth spending more on an anti-vibration stand. My guess is vibration would be evident in low...
  14. M

    Open vs. closed vs. studio monitors during recording or editing

    This is for voiceover. I was given advice that while recording it's just as well not to use any headphones whilst recording. True? And for editing/processing/mastering studio monitors are best but if without those, use open-back headphones instead. And that semi-open won't do. Do you all agree?
  15. M

    How to connect guitar to Scarlett 2i2 to mac to iPhone

    Hi! I want to record instagram videos while playing guitar. I am using Bias FX2, Logic Pro x, a scarlett 2i2 and a iPhone 8. My goal is to record the guitarsound straight in to my ihpone, while blendning in some room audio from the built in mac mic, and do it all in one take, without editing. I...
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