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  1. H

    Blue Jeans Cable BJC LC-1 RCA Cables - various lengths available, in like new condition.

    Offered here are various Blue Jeans BJC LC-1, low capacitance RCA cables in excellent condition as follows: 1 pair of LC-1 stereo audio cables at 6 ft. - $37/pair 1x LC-1 subwoofer cable at 20 ft. - $39 1x LC-1 subwoofer cable at 35 ft. - $69 These well known interconnects have proved to...
  2. Y

    Replace “Connect it E” cable from Project with something longer

    I recently picked up the DC Carbon Esprit turntable made by Pro-ject Audio systems from Sonos. This turntable has a phono line / preamp switch. Link here - https://www.sonos.com/en-us/shop/pro-ject-debut-carbon-esprit-turntable-walnut The device comes with a RCA cable referred to as the...
  3. Waxx

    Braided audio cable

    I need to make some new interconnects for my systems, and thought why not make them look fancy "snake oil" like in stead of just plain boring. Not that i don't believe that a simple well build rca cable can do the job right, it's just why not doing something different just for fun. So i studied...
  4. S

    Using RCA splitter to connect pc and preamp to my reciever

    Hi there, I will soon be getting a turntable and was wondering if it possible to connect my external preamp for the turn table as well as my pc to my receiver using splitter cables so I can use both sources at the same time. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance
  5. L

    Help pls! Can I use an RCA splitter for two inputs?

    Hello! Sorry for the dumb question :facepalm: but I'm wondering if this is a feasible thing to do? I only have one decent stereo speaker system which is currently connected to my computer with the diagram below: I would like to connect a record player to the speakers, but I'm not really sure...
  6. S

    Help!: DAC Lavaudio DS400 rca connection?

    Hello I have a question, I want to buy a Dac to join it as my smsl amplifier with RCA cable. but my budget now is not much to buy an expensive DAC, I already had a problem with the D10s topping and I didn’t like it, especially because of the problem it has of distortion because it is only...
  7. S

    Cheap RCA interconnects causing interference

    Hello ASR, I need some help in choosing some new interconnects. My currently owned very cheap RCA cables that cost me £8 a pair from Amazon are emitting a high frequency whine *through my speakers* tweeters (sounds like tinnitus, 16khz or higher) from both my Fiio k3s and RME ADI-2 FS dac. The...
  8. astrokari

    FS: Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 RCA Stereo Pair (4')

    Purchased this new from BJC a couple weeks ago. I used these cables lightly for 1 day before changing my setup and no longer needing them. The cables are in "Like New" condition and naturally work great. Asking $35 38 shipped to CONUS, payment via PayPal.
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