raspberry pi4b

  1. Reckoner

    Help E30 + Raspberry PI

    Hello. How are things? I hope well I don't know if this is the correct place in the forum to ask my question. This was discussed in various topics but since I never used PI, I have some doubts. I have Topping E30 and Topping L30. An external hard drive with 750GB of music. Subscription to...
  2. bkarl

    DAC recommendation for RPi4B with DigiOne Signature

    I'm planning to build a "Streamer Box" using RPi4B and ALLO DigiOne Signature. I have attached a principle diagram showing the equipment I already have at hand (shown in RED). I'm now looking for a reasonable quality lower cost DAC that I can build into the box. I was thinking of getting a...
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