power amplifier design

  1. pma

    DIY 250W/4ohm amplifier based on "blameless" topology, and measurements

    DIY 250W/4ohm power amplifier based on “blameless” topology Hello all, the thread posted here by @sabristol https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/luxman-l-85v-integrated-amplifier.20657/ inspired me to build a new DIY amplifier functional sample. The circuit posted in the...
  2. R

    DIY Direct-Drive amp for Estats

    And so begins yet another needlessly complex project. I should disclaim before the talk of how dangerous dealing with multi-kV systems is and how I'll hurt myself that I'm in my last year of an electrical engineering undergrad, so I know how to work with high voltage safely. I'm in the design...
  3. sabristol

    Luxman L-85v Integrated Amplifier

    This is a project I did last year - a mid 70s Luxman L-85v refurbishment with a re-engineered output stage. The output stage PCBs were damaged in the early 1980s I've I had this amp kicking around since then. After 30 years, I eventually decided to try designing and building some replacements...
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