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  1. M

    Power Amp for Tannoy Precision 6.2 (Teac AP-505?)

    I'm looking for Power Amp recommendations for Tannoy Precision 6.2 speakers. Speaker specifications Sensitivity (2.83 Volts @ 1m): 89dB Nominal Impedance (Ohms): 8 A caveat: I live in Japan and a lot of the ASR recommended power amps are not easily available here, or have a 2-3x markup versus...
  2. Kaktus_Kontrafaktus

    Buzzing power amp (Sherwood AM-8500) [UPDATE: Now measuring]

    Hi, I found this amp a couple of months ago for what seemed like a very good price. (270€ together with the AVP-8500 preamp which I immediately sold for 135€) I've been rather happy with it but it does produce a buzzing noise both on the speaker outputs and directly from the amp. At my typical...
  3. VintageFlanker

    Apollon Audio AS1200 Review (Stereo Power Amplifier)

    Disclaimer: What goes next comes with: a) My not so great English b) Unprofessional pictures shot with my phone ;) Apollon Audio AS1200 Review Hi folks, I just received my new power amp and thought there was a lot to say about it. The aforementioned is the Apollon AS1200. For those who...
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