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  1. DWPress

    New phono cart needed

    I really don't use my TT much these days but have quite a few musician friends who are putting out vinyl along with their digital releases. Recently a musician and I compared the two formats and, of course, the digital sounded better but the vinyl didn't sound as good as it could have. I have a...
  2. USER

    Introducing the Phono Cartridge Measurement Library

    After years of development we are finally launching our phono cartridge measurement library. These measurements were created using the brilliant cartridge response python script written by @scott wurcer and @JP. Information about its origins can be found in the following threads...
  3. T

    SE to Balanced will help?

    Hello! When pushed all the way up in the preamp gain I am getting 14dB of noise from one of my sources, all others make nothing, zero, nada, of noise at that highest gain of the preamp. The source that has noise is connected this way: -Cartridge - Ortofon Quintet Black S (MC low output) -Tonearm...
  4. JP

    Phono Cartridge Response Measurement Script

    This thread is intended to consolidate the technical discussion and further development of Scott Wurcer's frequency response measurement script to a central area. I'd like to keep this discussion about the tool rather than specific cartridges. I'll edit this and the subsequent reserved posts in...
  5. Unchanging Window

    Phono pre suggestions?

    Greetings, all! Sorry in advance if my issue has been covered before countless times; I'm a new member who just discovered this great site today: My setup is a bit odd: I have two Technics 1200s (one a MK5, and the other a brand new 1210-GR); one has an AT-VM540ML and the other an AT-VM740ML...
  6. DonH56

    Shure Out of the Cartridge Business

    I missed this, sorry if it has already been posted -- I was looking for something else and ran across this article:
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