1. 3

    3e Audio TPA3251 TPA3255 Finished Amplifier with PFFB is coming!

    Hi Amigos: It has been for around 2 years after we release TPA3251 and TPA3255 series amplifier DIY kits with post filter feedback design that improve the overall performance of the single chip itself. With many buyers(diyer) enjoyed our diy kits and having so many fun from their own diy...
  2. daniboun

    "ASH-400 Project" Sylph Audio FB-100 Stereo Module with advanced PFFB

    Hi amigos, I'm coming back to the forefront with a new project. This time I focused on the Sylph Audio FB100 module, based on a TPA3251 and an advanced implementation of the PFFB. Voltage Gain is factory set @ 14dB (5V/V) on this module. So I intended to couple it to my DAC SMSL D6s which has...
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