parametric eq

  1. H

    Best DDC to Get Parametric EQ Working with Floorstanding Speaker System

    Hi All, It's my first time posting, so apologies if I violate any forum rules. As I wrote in the title, I'm trying to figure out the best way to get parametric EQ working with my floorstanding speaker system. I use a discrete DAC, preamp, and amp. Initially I thought the fastest way was to...
  2. D

    Designing headphone EQ with VituixCAD

    I'm not active on this forum, so I apologize if this is old news, but I wanted to share an easy method to provide some EQ insight using the measurement data from ASR in VituixCAD. I started down this path having a few pairs of headphones that have been reviewed here or at least very similar to...
  3. dodecahedron

    Best Parametric EQ Audio Plugin for Headphone Equalization?

    On windows, the standard for headphone equalization seem to be the combination of Equalizer APO and Peace. On macOS, there is no real standard and the equalization is usually done using an Audio Plugin (AU Plugin) within an plugin hosting software (ex: SoundSource). I've used the AUNBandEQ...
  4. ironhorse128

    How to compute parameter values (frequency, gain, Q-value) to EQ a loudspeaker

    I would like to be able to compute parameter values (frequency, gain, Q-value) to EQ a loudspeaker or headphone. I guess it is a more or less complex optimization problem given the frequency response of the loudspeaker/ headphone and a target curve. I know that there are some programs (e.g...
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